*** Request Dr. Z - Another Flu Season - What YOU can do NOW - Flu Nosode, Pleo Not, Pleo Quent, Pleo San Strep Homeopathy can assist

Inquire Dr. Z - The subsequent Flu Year - What You can do NOW - Flu Nosode, Pleo Not, Pleo Quent, Pleo San Strep Homeopathy can help
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* Estimates for Your Life
* I get letters
* Assist in the course of Drop and Winter for Colds and Flu's

* Flu Nosode Drops
* Pleo Not Drops
* Pleo Quent Drops
* Pleo San Strep
* Pleo (TM) Mucedo Drops
* Pleo Rub DropsQuotes for Your Life
"Chaos demands to become recognized and experienced before letting alone be transformed right into a new buy."
Herman Hesse

"To view what is correct, and never do it, is want of courage, or of principle."

"Good judgement emanates from working experience, and working experience emanates from terrible judgment." Barry LePatner

"Failure is not really an individual, cataclysmic party. You do not fall short overnight. As an alternative, failure is several mistakes in judgment, repeated everyday."
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I get letters
Hi Dr. Z,
Just sending you A fast Take note to Permit you understand how effectively I'm accomplishing. It is really a couple of days just before Christmas and I haven't gotten Ill but this Fall/Wintertime time. I am shocked because I ordinarily get Unwell appropriate just before Thanksgiving and however ideal in advance of Xmas. I believe my immune system is much better.
I have taken the Pleo San Strep drops each day for 6 months plus the Pleo Not drops every single day for just a little over a calendar year while you recommended. I think they have got assisted to boost my immune procedure.
I accustomed to have a great number of sinus infections and sinus discomfort. I could only go two weeks without the need of some type of sinus difficulty. It was a 12 months in October since I started off viewing you and now I don't even have sinus challenges. It really is incredible! I'm so glad I'm not however using sudafed every day as directed by my clinical medical doctor. But I'm more satisfied about the way I sense. Thanks for earning me come to feel great all over again!
Julie Z. - Woodland, CA.
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Support throughout Tumble and Winter season for Colds and Flu's
The subsequent objects happen to be particularly beneficial in my scientific follow for y.oung and older sufferers as supportive therapy to help provide relief with with The everyday colds and flu's through the Wintertime months.

Flu Nosode Drops
For l.egal and political causes I simply cannot and will never touch upon their medical relevance. You may be mindful which i tend not to subscribe to the poisonous and often quite harmful design of allopathic Western Drugs. Possessing been born and raised in Germany - I may very well be fairly biased to the results of my countryman Samuel Hahnemann.
Be sure to do your own personal investigate and make up your own personal intellect.

* As you are able to see from the information of our Web site - I Individually prefer to perform everything to produce and aid optimum Mind and immune function.
* Over the past twenty years I have found that that lowers the number of colds and flus and their duration and severity.
* I recommend precisely the same to my area individuals and on-line purchasers.
* During the drop and Wintertime months I personally get one/2 a dropper packed with the Flu Nosode Drops on a daily basis, so does my wife Victoria.
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Pleo Not Drops
Pleo Not Capsules
Note: capsules are typically much better than drops in their homeopathic result.
Pleo Not Suppositories are now back requested rather than available.
German Homeopathic treatment by Sanum for that non permanent relief of coughs, fever and congestion on account of colds and insignificant respiratory infections.
European practitioners report that Pleo™ Not is quite handy to be a homeopathic help to help you aid the immune system perform, and as supportive therapy for bacterial infections of bacterial origin and inflammations these types of

* staph

* strep

* acne

* ear infections

* tonsil infections

* sore throat

* neuritis, neuralgia

* urinary tract bacterial infections

* prostate discomfort

* respiratory bacterial infections
Great for sick young children.
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Pleo Quent Drops
Pleo Quent Suppositories
Pleo Quent Capsules
Be aware: capsules and suppositories are usually more robust than drops of their homeopathic effect.
German Homeopathic decongestant treatment by SANUM to the non permanent aid of congestion due to colds and small respiratory infections.
German practitioners report that Pleo™ Quent is beneficial as supportive therapy for acute and latent viral bacterial infections which include

* laryngitis
* bronchitis
* sinusitis
* flue-type infections
* ear infections
* migraines
* Herpes Zoster
* mumps
* measles
* chickenpox European studies also point out that Pleo™ Quent has long been successfully utilized as supportive therapy for Several Sclerosis
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Pleo San Strep
Take note: Only available as drops.
Pleo San Strep 6X - Homeopathic remedy: To be used In accordance with common homeopathic indications. For momentary aid of eczema symptoms.
European practitioners report that Pleo San Strep 6X may be helpful as supportive therapy to aid decrease the symptomatic results of

* alopecia - hair reduction
* eczema
* empyema-accumulation of pus in thoracic cavity
* phlegmona - inflammation of connective tissue
* cardialgia - soreness in anterior upper body
* endocarditis, myocarditis, pericarditis
* Key Serious polyarthritis
* osteomyelitis
* angina tonsillaris - peritonsillar abscess
* tonsillitis
* migraine
* Center ear bacterial infections
* mastitis puerpuralis - inflammation of your breast after deliveryPurchase Pleo San Strep
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Pleo Mucedo Drops recognized in Germany as Mucedokehl
Pleo Mucedo Suppositories
Be aware: capsules and suppositories are usually more powerful than drops within their homeopathic result.
European practitioners report that this treatment could possibly be valuable as homeopathic supportive therapy to help you reduce the symptomatic outcomes of

* bronchial asthma
* neuro-vegetative syndrome (stress)
* regulatory dysfuntions from the lymphatic process
* Long-term respiratory disorders
* sinusitis
* tonsillitis
* sinobronchitis
* ostitis
* lymphostasis
* thyroid purpose disturbance It might be properly value striving Pleo Mucedo/Mucedokehl in its place and/or adjunct on the generally quite poisonous inhalers at present available on the market.
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Pleo Rub Drops recognized in Germany as Ruberkehl
European practitioners report that Pleo Rub 5X/Ruberkehl 5X might be extremely useful as homeopathic supportive therapy for all chronic diseases of your higher and decreased respiration tract for example

* rhinitis
* sinusitis
* bronchitis
* conjunctivitis (purple, itching eyes) along with cystitis, nephritis.
Go through more about Pleo Rub Drops
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